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The information we have to share is absolutely critical for anyone desiring to create any degree of financial certainty in the future. We believe that the key for individuals and families to meet the current and future economic challenges is for them to better understand the value of certainty and how to achieve their maximum financial potential with the least degree of risk.  We will educate you for free on how you can accomplish this using the Family Banking PlanSM and other strategies surrounding Infinite Banking.

We often share information about financial strategies and discuss their use in financial planning in a seminar format.  AllianceGroup advisors strive to make this both entertaining and engaging.  We will never solicit the sales of financial products or services in our seminar environment and there is never any cost or obligation to come and get educated.

Please select one of the events below by clicking on the event NAME  for more details and then register!  For further details please contact the representative that referred you, use the CONTACT form or, call our office at 866-545-9494.

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