Family Emergency Fund


Unfortunately, most families in America are only a paycheck or two away from complete financial disaster. 71% of employees surveyed said they’d have difficulty meeting their current financial obligations if their paycheck were delayed for just one week, according to the American Payroll Association. (Source: “Getting Paid In America” survey – September 15, 2008)

We understand that it is difficult to predict what life is going to throw at you and having an emergency fund will help you be better prepared and sleep better at night.  It is rare when we meet with a client to find that they have much if any financial cushion.

Financial emergencies are a fact of life and can occur at anytime, cars break down, jobs are lost and unfortunately there are medical emergency (the cause of 50% of all bankruptcies, according to Health Affairs, “Illness and Injury as Contributors to Bankruptcy” – February 2, 2005).

When you structure your own Family Banking PlanSM you will learn how to gain liquidity, use and control of your money.  This means that when an emergency does arise that you will not have to go further into debt with credit cards, high cost loans or borrow from family members. We all know how difficult it is dealing with emergencies, let alone figuring out how to pay for them.

When you create your Family Banking PlanSM you will:

  • Have access to your money when you need it without penalties
  • Be able to pay the money back on your terms, not someone else’s
  • Avoid penalties and late fees that just compound the problem
  • Not have to worry about the stress of borrowing money when it is the most difficult and expensive to do so

Start living a life with less stress by establishing your own Family Banking PlanSM today with an AllianceGroup advisor.  Having the protection of a well structured life insurance plan with cash values for emergencies should be part of your financial emergency plan. If you would like to find out more about how a Family Banking PlanSM can help you to reach your financial goals then please Contact us or fill out our FREE Analysis.

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