Growth Without Risk

In today’s economy there is no better place for money to be stored than in financial products that have little to no risk. 

Having money in an environment where there are guarantees without risk is what people are seeking. Most people however, do not know where to find what they are looking for.

Pretend you were in your 40’s or 50’s in 1999, you were extremely confident in your prospects for a great retirement. We were just finishing a decade of incredible stock market growth. But just three short years later your retirement accounts had suffered losses of 30% to 50%.

A few more years (2008) later you would suffer another significant loss in your retirement account that you still haven’t fully recovered from. The point is that most people had no idea the “ACCEPTABLE RISK” they were taking could destroy their retirement plans.

financialstormYou can use your Family Banking PlanSM to create financial certainty

More and more people are discovering how to use the infinite banking model as a wealth creation and preservation strategy. They are enjoying the growth without risk due to the aspect of these specially designed plans.

Your family bank will be in an environment where there is little to no risk. The return you get is not tied to any market index. Therefore if the market has a year where people suffer 10% – 25% your money will be safe.

Our certified Family Banking PlanSM advisors teach you to look at money differently, and show you that there are alternative wealth creation strategies that do not rely on the securities market for solid returns.

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