Living Benefits

When people think of life insurance, they think of people dying.  Somebody dies, a death benefit is paid out, debts are paid off, and a family is taken care of for a few years. That is the normal thinking process when it comes to life insurance.

Most people would have a tough time telling you the ‘Living Benefits’ of a life insurance contract. The reason is that few life insurance contracts were ever designed to create living benefits.

Dividend paying whole life insurance however, was designed to create several living benefits. In fact, when used as a Family Banking Plan, the living benefits are MUCH greater than the death benefit!

Financial Certainty for the Living

When considering why people ‘invest’ in a 401K, mutual fund, ETF, 457, 403B, annuity, SEP IRA, or any other number of financial vehicles, they will tell you some of the things they are looking for are:

  1. Tax deferral
  2. Tax deduction
  3. Growth
  4. Safety
  5. Liquidity, Use and Control
  6. Multiple benefits from the same dollar
  7. Protected from lawsuits
  8. Disability protection
  9. Tax-Free distribution
  10. An Emergency Fund

Not one of those financial instruments most people have will do ALL of those things! Isn’t it interesting that if you were to ask people to create the perfect investment, it would have all of the things listed above? ONLY A PROPERLY STRUCTURED WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE CONTRACT WILL DO ALL OF THOSE THINGS! Then, if you made that contract into your own banking plan, it becomes even more powerful.

The Family Banking Plan is all about Being Financially Empowered

Financial empowerment is a wonderful thing, an absolute sense of peace of mind. Have you noticed that there is not much of that in America right now? Through your Family Banking Plan and the coaching of your advisor you will find financial certainty.

Try to imagine the peace that comes knowing that the living benefits outweigh the death benefit.  Knowing that you have complete liquidity, use and control of your money. You are getting multiple benefits from every dollar. You have an emergency plan in place. You are protected from creditors.  You are getting guaranteed growth on your money, and are doing all of this in a tax-free environment.

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