Client Testimonials


Brett & Amber

30 Something
We began working with the AllianceGroup several years ago and over that time they have helped us get out of debt and have showed us how to get the most benefits from every dollar we earn and save.

Shaun T.

Before I started working with the AllianceGroup I didn’t seem to be able to get ahead financially. Once they showed me the financial mistakes I was making and what I needed to do differently, I began to feel more confident that I could reach my financial goals.”

David S.

Everything the AllianceGroup taught me about the unique financial strategies and how money really worked made total sense to me. With their continued help and support I know I will be able to have financial certainty in my life.

Lowel P.

Small Business Owner
The concepts and philosophies the AllianceGroup teaches are a breath of fresh air. Their financial insights make so much more sense compared to what I have been doing. I now have a better understanding of how money truly works. With this knowledge, I now make sound financial decisions without fear of loss or fear of making a mistake.

Nick & Bobbie

The AllianceGroup has taught us to be financially empowered. By teaching us what we feel are correct financial principles. In turn, we have shifted our paradigm and now understand the value of certainty. In spite of the uncertain economic future, we now believe we have the right financial information to help us protect our savings and investments.

Jeff G.

Real Estate Investor
I was getting sick and tired of the ups and downs of the market when I was introduced to the AllianceGroup and the wealth strategies they teach. I have been able to get a banking plan in place and am truly grateful for the peace of mind that it has brought me.

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